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At the beginning of July 2020, Tobias Van Schneider, renowned designer, former member of Spotify, entrepreneur of several projects (Semplice, CarbonMade & HOVS ) offers us his latest creation: mymind.

mymind is more than just a digital product or another content manager. It’s a new way of working. In the mymind design process, Tobias took the problem upside down. Instead of creating yet another organizational program or application, to do list or whatever app, it focused on how the human brain works.
Designing a product that works in the same way as our brain is mymind’s ambition.

Let’s think simple & fair

He confronted and highlighted the fact that since decades we are constantly trying to organize, to use and create new tools without really asking the question of what is simpler, fairer, a organization that makes sense. An organization that makes sense meaning because it is not.

mymind is an extension of your mind, let’s say way digital. I’ve been testing the produced and produced since the beta.

I went from To Do in all directions, from untimely downloads in my photos on my iPhone or downloads from my Mac to one and same solution in one and the same product.

I spent hours searching for a file on my Mac having only the first part of the file name to snapshot.

I went to hundreds of notes on my iPhone or my Mac, where I was struggling to find a subject or an image that I had put in a folder and a file where I had the habit of storing my inspirations. And Apple Notes were until now the most convenient time to store ideas, topics, messages, links, emails etc...

If you are in this case too, mymind is made for you.

Application mymind - Louis Le Bras

I have great news for you. I offer 3 private and exclusive invitations to mymind so that without wait you can use it. To get it, it is very simple, subscribe to my newsletter and send me a little note on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, where you want it! (To all in my DMs at the end of your reading! )

To paraphrase a quote from Tobias, which he shared in one of its articles before the publication of the project:

"When you’re in the middle of the action, you don’t want to think about the organization around it, or what it can generate. We wants to stay focused on what we do to be the most of our performance."
— Tobias Van Schneider

The very principle was to build a simple service that serves your activity itself and not just the way of which it is organized, just stay focused on the subject. The interface looks like this:

Workspace mymind app Louis Le Bras

What makes mymind vibrate is its advanced research. It does not work as a binary system to do list, to notes or words.

It works like your mind.

Let’s take a simple example of you and me:

Imagine yourself in a street, you walk, there are people around of you, the restaurants and bars are open, there are world on the terrace. Are you there? Suddenly you drop your keys on the floor. You get down and get up face to face with the red facade of this house with a shop on the ground floor.

You go home and tell a loved one almost lost your keys in a manhole while time. When you’re going to tell your story about chronological way you will view this shop red. You will associate that place where you can potentially lose your keys and not go home is somewhere at the foot of a red building.

You are going to make an idea association between the danger of lose your keys and the red facade.

That’s how the human mind works. It recalls context, colours, and associations of ideas.

"mymind works like the human mind, by association of thoughts"
— Louis Le Bras

Let’s take a more concrete example with mymind.

Winter is coming I’m looking for a coat, I’m home in my Eames Lounge Chair and carry my MacBook.

I go to the site DeFursac to discover the latest Winter collections.

Then I come across the coat and I want to keep the link, a trace, a picture but I know not how to.

That’s where mymind comes in.

On the picture of the coat I click right as if I wanted save it and having previously installed the extension mymind with Chrome, the 'Add to my mind' option appears.

Once selected, the coat is registered.

add content to your mymind workspace Louis Le Bras

A little later in the week I remember seeing a coat that made an eye for me.
Oh yes it is true: mymind.
So I go to my mymind space at following:

So the coat is in my space with the photo with which I saved.

When you click on the "card" of the coat in question, on item, we see that the mymind AI has done its job. In a first time, without using storage I kept the image of the mantle in my space, I find it with a combination of colors present on the coat, but also with keywords based on an analysis of the image, a association of ideas as our mind does.

But better: we can share it, we can add tags, and the link of the site with the product is included in the backup.

And now as soon as I want the coat back in a month, I’ll go on mymind and be I’ll type: "DeFursac" either "coat" or "jacket" or "brown".

I probably won’t remember all these things, but as an extension of my mind, I could find the coat with an association of ideas with only one of them.

Imagine being able to use this power, this extension of your mind for a presentation, a product that you design, materials, courses, anything!

A power for Creatives

Beyond the fabulous features of this service, in as creative it is doubly. I explain myself. During of a creative process, even before the design and the the period of inspiration. The period that will determine the first line of creation, and the future of this.

During this period, we will generally gather different elements that will be our basis of our project, those who inspire us and represent our ambitions, our objectives but above all the reasons why we made this creation. It’s called a moodboard.

With mymind, this moodboard is defined basic with the system card presentation, no need to break the head to shape it to draw the first line of tone future business. By returning the things that inspire you on mymind, you will combine these inspirations and create connections between them. And perhaps the connection that will make tilt, which will be obvious.

The one without which your business, your product, your journey, your achievements will not exist.

A return to basics.

mymind landscape Louis Le Bras

Full focus on what’s important. That’s the power of mymind.

To access mymind, you must register and wait until our request is accepted.

From there you can use this extension of your spirit.

You can’t just access the product like any other which site is a luxury.

It should be seen as an exception and not just a site, an application, a service that is registered for test.

mymind is a privilege, an opportunity, an opportunity to do better in your business as a creative but also to perform many services with its AI.

For mymind there are different offers, free & paid.

I’ll let you look here : mymind offers.

I’ll see you soon!